Essays in honor of Armand Maurer C.S.B.

LaudemusMaurer.jpgR. Houser of the University of ST. Thomas, Houston, Texas has edited a fine collection of essays to honor Armand Maurer C.S.B. (1915—), Emeritus Professor of Philosophy at the Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies.

The volume, entitled Laudemus viros gloriosos (taken from Ecclesiasticus 44.1), is being published by Notre Dame Press. A number of them deal explicitly with Thomas Aquinas.

Here is the table of contents:

  • Armand Maurer: Disciple, Historian, Philosopher (R. E. Houser)
  • On the Original Nature of Christian Philosophy (John Rist)
  • Averroes: God and the Noble Lie (Richard Taylor)
  • Undoing the Past: Fishacre and Rufus on the Limits of God’s Power (R. James Long)
  • The Real Distinction and the Principles of Metaphysics: Avicenna and Aquinas (R. E. Houser)
  • Faith and Reason: The Synthesis of St. Thomas Aquinas (Leo Elders)
  • St. Thomas on Analogy: The Logician and the Metaphysician (Lawrence Dewan, OP)
  • To which ‘God’ Must a Proof of God’s Existence Conclude for Aquinas? (David B. Twetten)
  • Defense and Discovery: Brother Thomas’s Contra impugnantes (Mary C. Sommers)
  • A Note on Love and Governance (James P. Reilly)
  • Godfrey of Fontaines and the Condemnation of March 7, 1277 (John Wippel)
  • Franciscan Attitudes toward Philosophy: 1274-1300 (Timothy B. Noone)
  • Peter of Candia’s Portrait of Late Thirteenth-Century Problems Concerning Faith and Reason in Book I of the Sentences (Stephen Brown)
  • What Was Contingency? (Calvin Normore)
  • Francis of Mayronis on Cognition: Abstractive and Intuitive-abstractive (Girard Etzkorn)
  • Mastrius on Esse Cognitum (Norman Wells)
  • Recollections of Times Past (Armand Maurer)
  • Bibliography of the Writings of Armand Maurer, CSB (James K. Farge, CSB)

Jörgen Vijgen

DR. JÖRGEN VIJGEN holds academic appointments in Medieval and Thomistic Philosophy at several institutions in the Netherlands. His dissertation, “The status of Eucharistic accidents ‘sine subiecto’: An Historical Trajectory up to Thomas Aquinas and selected reactions,” was written under the direction of Fr. Walter Senner, O.P. at the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas (Angelicum) in Rome, Italy and published in 2013 by Akademie Verlag (now De Gruyter) in Berlin, Germany.