Lectura romana bibliography: additions and new information

By way of Peter Kwasniewski, an addition to the fledgling bibliography I put together on the Lectura romana, as well as some additions:

  • William B. Stevenson, "The Problem of Trinitarian Processions in Thomas’s Roman Commentary," The Thomist 64 (2000): 619-629—rats! I forgot about this article!

  • Mario Coccia, “Credit Where Credit is Due: St. Thomas Aquinas versus Peter Lombard on the True Nature of Charity,”  Doctor Angelicus 5 (2005): 165–178.

  • A translation, in English, is on its way out (eventually) that will include both the Paris and Roman versions of Book I, distinction 17.

Again, if you have some items to contribute on the topic of the Lectura romana, please don’t hesitate to contact me, so that I can put you in touch with others.

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