Correction: Leonard Boyle, OP, lecture IS published in English

Ugh. I hate being wrong.

A while back, in the first newsletter, I said that:

All the articles in the neat little collection of Leonard Boyle’s articles on Aquinas (Facing History: A Different Thomas Aquinas [Louvain-la-Neuve: FIDEM, 2000]) are in English…save one. The last article is in French, “Saint Thomas d’Aquin et le troisième millenaire,” (pp. 141-159). This is all a tad odd, since the original talk upon which this text was based was given in English in Chicago in 1999. You can, however, see a transcription of the talk in English, and indeed listen to the talk (in RealAudio or QuickTime format) by clicking here.

Thanks to Michael Sherwin, OP, we now know of a full publication of the talk. He explains:

You probably already know about this, but a published version of the talk in English exists.  Leonard gave the talk again as one of the Aquinas Lectures at Maynooth.  McEvoy published a collection of these talks.  Here is the reference: Leonard Boyle, "St. Thomas Aquinas and the third millennium" in Thomas Aquinas: Approaches to Truth: the Aquinas Lectures at Maynooth, 1996-2001, edited by James McEvoy and Michael Dunne (Four Courts Press, 2002), 38-52.


My bad, Fr. Michael; I didn’t know about the talk!. It really is a wonderful talk. And if you read carefully, you’ll even see some Dominicans disagreeing with each other about some important matters in the Order’s history (Hint: The papal bull, Cum qui recipit prophetam).


Mark Johnson

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