Doctor Angelicus 5 (2005) is out

There’s something for everyone in David Berger’s wonderful, multi-language journal, Doctor Angelicus. This year’s volume is now available (volume 5 [2005]). You can see the journal’s web site here. Make sure to check out its valuable run-down of the year 2004’s thomistic bibliography. Here is its table of contents:


  • Jörgen Vijgen, "Die heutige Autorität des hl. Thomas von Aquin im Lichte der Tradition" (pp. 7-54)
  • Leo Elders s.v.d., "The Doctrine of Being of St. Thomas Aquinas" (pp. 55-74)
  • Christian Ferraro v.e., "La conoscenza dell’ens e dell’esse dalla prospettiva del tomismo essenziale" (pp. 75-108)
  • Roman Cardal, "Die Dynamik des intellektuellen Lebens und die Rehabilitation der Metaphysik" (pp. 109-126)
  • Brunero Gherardini, "L’uomo in San Tommaso" (pp. 127-132)
  • Manuel Ocampo Ponce, "Algunas reflexiones sobre la ciencia y la técnica a la luz del pensiamento de Santo Tomás de Aquino" (pp. 133-152)
  • Davide Venturini, "Beatitudo, bonum commune und lex bei Thomas von Aquin" (pp. 153-164)
  • Mario Coccia, "Credit Where Credit is Due: St. Thomas Aquinas versus Peter Lombard on the True Nature of Charity" (pp. 165-178)
  • Uwe Michael Lang, "The Controversies over Chalcedon and the Beginnings of Scholastic Theology: The Case of John Philoponus" (pp. 179-196)
  • Jörgen Vijgen, "The Future of Cornelio Fabro’s Legacy" (pp. 197-204)
  • David Berger, "Thomas Rusters These vom ‘verwechselbaren Gott’ aus thomistischer Perspektive" (pp. 205-220)


  • Thomas Marschler: Jörgen Vijgen (ed.), Indubitanter ad veritatem. Studies offered to Leo J. Elders SVD in Honor of the Golden Jubilee of his Ordination to the Priesthood (pp. 221-223)
  • Jörgen Vijgen: Ralph M. McInerny, Aquinas (pp. 223-224)
  • David Berger: Ludovicus Carbo a Costaciario, Compendium absolutissimum totius Summae Theologiae D. Thomae Aquinatis (pp. 224-227) / John of St. Thomas, Introduction to the Summa Theologiae of St. Thomas Aquinas (pp. 227-231) /Paulus Engelhardt, Thomas von Aquin. Wegweisung in sein Werk (231-233) / Benedikt Ritzler, Freiheit in der Umarmung des ewig Liebenden. Die historische Entwicklung des Personverständnisses bei Jacques Maritain (pp. 233-236)
  • Enrique Alarcón – David Berger – Jörgen Vijgen: "Bibliographia Thomistica 2004" (pp. 237-314)

Happy reading.

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Mark Johnson

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