New books from SISMEL - Edizioni del Galluzzo

You gotta to love these guys. The people at SISMEL - Edizioni del Galluzzo have released some new books on medieval studies, philosophy, and religion. They have a web site devoted to their new titles, at, and you can sign up to be notified about the appearance of other new texts, via their mailing-list. (Note: the main SISMEL site is in Italian, but the site is in both Italian and English).

Perhaps the single-most important text that they publish for Aquinas scholars is Medioevo latino, a yearly biography of literature on medieval European culture from the time of Boethius to Erasmus (covering, of course, the high middle ages).

New volumes that are on my Christmas list include:

  • Consilium: Teorie e Pratiche del Consigliare nella Cultura Medievale, edited by Carla Casagrande, Chiara Crisciani, and Silvana Vecchio. Articles on taking counsel and the gift of counsel.

  • Documenti e Studi sulla Tradizione Filosofica Medievale, vol. 14, with articles on Aristotle and Aquinas.

  • La Bibbia del XIII secolo: Storia del testo, storia dell’esegesi, edited by Giuseppe Cremascoli and Francesco Santi. Look at this line-up: G. Cremascoli, Introduzione. L. J. Bataillon, La Bible au XIIIe siècle. Un incitation aux recherches de demain. I. I CODICI E IL TESTO - G. Lobrichon, Les éditions de la Bible latine dans les universités du XIIIe siècle - P.-M. Bogaert, Paris 1274. Un point de repère pour dater la “Bible (en française) du XIIIe siècle”- R. Miriello, La Bibbia portabile di origine italiana del XIII secolo. Brevi considerazioni e alcuni esempi. II. AUTOCOSCIENZA DEI CRITERI. G. Cremascoli, La Bibbia nella Summa di Guglielmo Bretone - G. R. Evans, Gloss or Analysis? A Crisis of Exegetical Method in the Thirteenth Century - G. Dahan, “Sorbonne II”. Un correctoire biblique de la second moitié du XIIIe siècle - M. Zier, The Development of the Glossa Ordinaria to the Bible in the Thirteenth Century: The Evidence from the Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris. III. ALLA PROVA DEL TESTO. R. Quinto, La parabola del Levitico - A. Sulavik, Principia and Introitus in the Thirteenth Century. Christian Biblical Exegesis with Related Texts - M. Morard, Entre mode et tradition: les commentaires des Psaumes de 1160 à 1350.

Time to get reading!

Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson is an associate professor of Theology at Marquette University, and founded on Squarespace in November of 2004. He studied with James Weisheipl, Leonard Boyle, Walter Principe, and Lawrence Dewan, at the Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies (Toronto, Canada).