Cory at Notre Dame

Therese Cory has given me permission to announce that she has accepted a position at the University of Notre Dame.  She will start there after her Humboldt fellowship.  It is exciting that there will be another Thomist at Notre Dame, and a particularly good one.  I am currently reading her Aquinas on Human Knowledge, which so far is excellent.

Society for Medieval and Renaissance Thomism (S.M.A.R.T.)

The Society for Medieval and Renaissance Thomism (S.M.A.R.T.) is planning a session for the 2014 meeting of the American Catholic Philosophical Association, Washington, D.C., 9-12 October 2014.  It is accepting papers on all aspects of Thomism from 1274 to the publication of the Carmelite Cursus Theologiae (1631-1701), with a preference for the period from John Capreolus (d. 1444) to John of St. Thomas (1589-1644).  Please send papers and direct enquiries to Thomas Osborne at osborntm[at]stthom[dot]edu.

New Book from David Braine

I missed the recent publication of David Braine's "The Roots of Creativity in Speech and Thought" from CUA Press.  I have been waiting for it.  His "The Human Person: Animal & Spirit" seems to me one of the best contemporary books on Philosophy of MInd.  In this earlier book on the human person, he uses the peculiar features of human language to argue that linguistic understanding and thinking have no bodily organ, and uses this material in his argument for the further positions that human persons transcend the body.  I wish that more people would read his work.

Latin Spell Check

For the first time I have found a workable Latin spell check.  I take a lot of notes in Latin and type very poorly.  This tool seems to do the trick.  In Word, you need to make sure that it is an option, and then select the text for the language by hitting control-a.  But then it works marvelously.  You need to go into the program to make it deal correctly with I, j, v, u, etc.  The link is here: